Louise Gendrot has been producing art for over 20 years, expanding her horizons and trying new ideas as her art explores new themes and areas.

She works with various media, including paintings, murals and sculptures. Her work focuses on politics, capitalism, the pitfalls of the current social class system and British popular culture. All of her works feature a gritty urban edge, exploring the dirtier side of English life.

Her work is available for sale, with new works being released as she produces them. All pieces are one offs so are totally unique and never reproduced. Please contact LouZyArt for more information on viewing/purchasing pieces, and for visiting her studio based in London.


Please browse the images below for a small selection, or click here for the full selection of all of Louise’s art currently on sale. You can also click ‘read more’ on any of the images to be taken to more information about the piece.